This web/blog has become something of a creative diary, a way for me to document my experience with writing short stories, and getting them published.

I’ve been a space nut and Science Fiction fan since I was a kid, so not surprisingly, thats what I write about…among other things.

I have a soft spot for Classic SF, back in the days when going to the Moon was still the stuff of, well, Science Fiction. Ever read The Sentinel by Arthur C. Clark? It inspired the novel and film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Brilliant! Although frying snags inside a pressurized Moon tractor, might seem a bit quaint these days. Lets not forget Asimov and the Foundation series, Harry Seldon and his Psychohistory. Sure there’s a lot of Atomic this and Atomic that, but the first book Foundation was published back in 1951! Genius. It is these guys, and so many others, that have inspired me over the years. Did I forget The Dragonriders of Pern? A beautiful series. Its incredible really…the power of words to inspire.

So here I am, having a crack at it, in my own humble way. My short stories have appeared in various online magazines, and print anthologies. More recently, I have made a foray into the world of self pub with a short story collection available on the Kindle store as an Ebook.

Flashes of SF: A collection of science fiction stories by [Garry Dean]