Test shots…getting the hang of it


1/320 sec F1.8 ISO 100 Pattern metering

Flower LR with 20 Clarity

1/500 sec F2.0 ISO 100 Center weighted metering

Fence post 2

1/25 sec F4.5 ISO 200 Pattern metering

Aiden Trace Beach walk


1/80 sec F5.0 ISO 100 Spot metering


Getting the hang of the camera over the past few weeks, leaving it mainly in Aperture Priority so I can play around with “depth of field” thanks to the F1.8 lens. Although I’m familiar with Adobe Photoshop, post processing of RAW images is new to me, a learning curve on its own right …all part of the process…no pun intended…(:


Beginings: a new camera…

Picked up a new camera the other day, A Pentax MX1. I did allot of research on high end compact cameras and the bottom line is, I’m very happy with it. But then again i would say that…(:

Thing is this little camera has inspired me to take up photography again, if for no other reason than its easy to play around with things like aperture and shutter speed, unlike my old digital camera which was better left on program mode, nothing to inspire you there.

I love the weight and feel of the Pentax MX1, its a solid piece of gear with a nice “retro” look that takes me back to my Ye Old Olympus OM-2n SLR days which was showing brass through its black paint,  as will the MX1 in time thanks to its brass top and bottom plates.

There are numerous reviews on this camera both good and bad, put simply it had the goods for me. The look, the handling, image quality, F1.8 lens, easy to use manual control, tilt screen and a logical menu layout all added up to the right choice for me at under $500 Australian. If your interested in checking out the Pentax MX1 I recommend Blunty’s excellent Youtube review here.

I’ll post up some first shots with this camera and will upload more as I get to know it better and begin my journey back into photography. A hobby I have neglected for far to long.