Light..a tricky thing

Kids-by-the-lake-Tinoni-2013-ISO-100 web

Late afternoon light by the lake

Carols-by-candlelight-2013-Tinoni-ISO 3200 Web

Christmas carols beside the same lake after sunset at 1600 ISO

Moon Jan 2014

Hand held 1/30th sec ISO 800

Light is a tricky thing, especially when there’s not enough of it. Flash is the obvious answer but it can be harsh and there’s nothing like natural light, it is how we see after all. You could use a tripod to steady the camera but anything moving will be blurred by the “slow” shutter speed. Setting a higher ISO will increase the cameras sensitivity to light at the expense of “grain” in the image. Its a tradeoff but taking allot of shots and in “Raw” format as well as Jpeg helps. Raw will allow better control of grain in post processing.