Published work

When I was eight years old my Brother took me to see 2001: A Space Odyssey. It left such an impression that Ive been a Space Nut ever since. Personally I cant think of anything more heroic than humanity exploring, “the final frontier”, as Kirk put it. Whether we will actually reach those stars one day, who knows, but surely imagining a destination is the beginning of any journey.

Below you’ll find links to a few stories Ive had published online over the years, beginning with my first story, The Visitor, published in Antipodean SF issue 40 in…you guessed it, 2001.

I hope to self publish a collection of SF stories, which will include many of the ones below, as well as some new ones.

Science Fiction:


Requiem – Appeared in April 2018 issue and my first Pro Market story. It will appear, along with many of the stories below, in an upcoming Short Story collection Im putting together as an Ebook.

Antipodean SF:

Quantum Muse:

  • A strange discombobulation – appeared in the July 2016 edition
  • Wondrous things – appeared in the March 2017 edition
  • The Machine – A 1600 word version of “When dreams come true”, appeared in Nov 2017 issue of QM and will be part of an upcoming self published collection of my SF.

Science Fiction Museum:

Planet Magazine:


Quantum Muse