Dickinson Literary Comp

Well, a long time between posts. Been a big crazy year…with good and bad stuff happening…guess that life. But Ive kept the writing ticking along and managed to win second place in the Dickinson Memorial Literary comp, run by Braille House in QLD Australia. I found out about it from someone at my writers group with only 2 weeks to submit. The end result was a story called “The Painter”. You might say its slightly autobiographical, although that wasnt my intention. I hope to put a copy up here or  someone where.

Anyway, farewell to 2018…bring on the New one!


Tinker’s Curss

Tinker’s Curs is my latest story for AntipodeanSF. Its been a busyy first half of 2018 with a house move under way and well, life in general…so writing has taken a bit of a back seat. Interesting how you get out of the swing of things, and takes some work to get back into writing mode…or the “Writing Habit”, as they say.

I have stories on the boil and waiting on one more to get published before I self publish a short story collection as an Ebook through Amazon. Just going through the process of putting the collection together now, including some artwork. Will be a fun excersise, if nothing else.


Requiem is my first story to appear in a pro market magazine. At 250 words, it’s also my shortest. Getting published in a pro, or paying market magazine, has been a personal writing goal of mine for some time.… So I’m a happy boy 
You can read the story in the archives of Daily Science Fiction. It will also form part of a short story collection, which I will self publish through Amazon, Hopefully in mid 2018.


The Machine…Accepted!

Accepted…When this happens it makes everything else seem worthwhile, and since my last post about Rejection Ive had two accepted…Happy Days! The first is still in the process of being finalized but its with Daily SF, which is a BIG one for me as its my first Pro market mag. A personal goal Ive now achieved after having 2 other stories rejected by DSF in the past. You win some – you lose some – you learn along the way.

The other story “The Machine” is currently up on Quantum Muse for the month of November and is my longest story published to date. This one has seen allot of rewrites over a long period and was also rejected by a different mag. There was a point were I thought this one might just end up as a writing exerciser but I stuck with and Im glad its found a home. Also chuffed to see it has hit 5 out 5 in the reader ratings….very happy for the Machine and its Creator (:


Rejection is a part of life, especially if you are a writer who submits your work to any number of Mags, print or online. But its part of the writing game. No matter how well you think your story is, or how thoroughly you checked your spelling and grammar, its not a guarantee of acceptance.

This happened to me recently. A story I was reasonably confident would get in, wont name the Mag, was rejected. Oh its always a polite rejection, usually along the lines of “we don’t feel its a good fit for our style of magazine.” Of course I thought it was, but there you go. I was bummed for about half a day, then got back on the horse and stared writing something. The story is called “Nine Mile” and its not Si Fi…amazingly. I will take another look at it, possibly tweak a sentence or two, then submit it somewhere else. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Finding the right Mag for your story is very important. They always say, read the Mag before you submit anything. Other than that, it MUST conform to that Mags guidelines and it MUST be squeaky clean in terms of spieling and grimmer. Whats left is the Story. It must stand on its own two feet from there. Hopefully you’ve done a good job of telling it and the editor doesn’t reject it. But hey, if they do, you pick yourself up, learn something from it, and carry on. I remember someone saying at a workshop…. A writer must always be the eternal optimist!

PS: A few days after posting this I had another rejection on a 100 word story, arr well, back to the keyboard….


Writing a story is only half the battle…submitting it is another thing all together…and I think half the fun of writing. Having your story published gives credence to all your hard work, its a pat on the back and why not, its evidence your writing is on the right track, its another notch on your Bio which may help you get that book published and perhaps most importantly of all, it give your story an audience. Personally, I cant think of anything worse than to have a story, with its ideas and characters, languishing in the bottom of a draw or lost somewhere on a hard drive…stories LIVE in the imagination of readers.

Another important aspect of the submission process is that it tightens everything up. There is no point submitting a story to a competition or magazine if things are misspell or badly punctuated. Eg, Does that question mark in dialogue, go inside the inverted commas? When all is checked and the print out is in my hand…thats when the Story feels complete, done and dusted, and I can move on to something else. Of coerce, you can do your level best and still get Rejected. Been there done that. But thast juts part of the process. It makes acceptance all the sweeter.

Anyway thats where I am now. Ive written a few stories since my last was published and currently waiting on 2 submissions. And thats the fun part…will I or wont I get accepted? Bit like Lotto. I’ll let you know…

A Chip in Time audio

A Chip on Time was recently published in AntipodeanSF, here it is on the AntiSF Radio Show, read by yours truly. Listen here.

The narration of this story led onto me being invited to join the Narration team on the Radio Show…so my Dulcet tones will now echo across the Web reading other peoples work as well…Too Cool(: