The Machine…Accepted!

Accepted…When this happens it makes everything else seem worthwhile, and since my last post about Rejection Ive had two accepted…Happy Days! The first is still in the process of being finalized but its with Daily SF, which is a BIG one for me as its my first Pro market mag. A personal goal Ive now achieved after having 2 other stories rejected by DSF in the past. You win some – you lose some – you learn along the way.

The other story “The Machine” is currently up on Quantum Muse for the month of November and is my longest story published to date. This one has seen allot of rewrites over a long period and was also rejected by a different mag. There was a point were I thought this one might just end up as a writing exerciser but I stuck with and Im glad its found a home. Also chuffed to see it has hit 5 out 5 in the reader ratings….very happy for the Machine and its Creator (:


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