Rejection is a part of life, especially if you are a writer who submits your work to any number of Mags, print or online. But its part of the writing game. No matter how well you think your story is, or how thoroughly you checked your spelling and grammar, its not a guarantee of acceptance.

This happened to me recently. A story I was reasonably confident would get in, wont name the Mag, was rejected. Oh its always a polite rejection, usually along the lines of “we don’t feel its a good fit for our style of magazine.” Of course I thought it was, but there you go. I was bummed for about half a day, then got back on the horse and stared writing something. The story is called “Nine Mile” and its not Si Fi…amazingly. I will take another look at it, possibly tweak a sentence or two, then submit it somewhere else. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Finding the right Mag for your story is very important. They always say, read the Mag before you submit anything. Other than that, it MUST conform to that Mags guidelines and it MUST be squeaky clean in terms of spieling and grimmer. Whats left is the Story. It must stand on its own two feet from there. Hopefully you’ve done a good job of telling it and the editor doesn’t reject it. But hey, if they do, you pick yourself up, learn something from it, and carry on. I remember someone saying at a workshop…. A writer must always be the eternal optimist!

PS: A few days after posting this I had another rejection on a 100 word story, arr well, back to the keyboard….


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