Writing a story is only half the battle…submitting it is another thing all together…and I think half the fun of writing. Having your story published gives credence to all your hard work, its a pat on the back and why not, its evidence your writing is on the right track, its another notch on your Bio which may help you get that book published and perhaps most importantly of all, it give your story an audience. Personally, I cant think of anything worse than to have a story, with its ideas and characters, languishing in the bottom of a draw or lost somewhere on a hard drive…stories LIVE in the imagination of readers.

Another important aspect of the submission process is that it tightens everything up. There is no point submitting a story to a competition or magazine if things are misspell or badly punctuated. Eg, Does that question mark in dialogue, go inside the inverted commas? When all is checked and the print out is in my hand…thats when the Story feels complete, done and dusted, and I can move on to something else. Of coerce, you can do your level best and still get Rejected. Been there done that. But thast juts part of the process. It makes acceptance all the sweeter.

Anyway thats where I am now. Ive written a few stories since my last was published and currently waiting on 2 submissions. And thats the fun part…will I or wont I get accepted? Bit like Lotto. I’ll let you know…


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